Multimedia art


I bring together different places and situations and connected them in an abstract manner.

By connecting the many images, a retrospective statement is created on several levels. The temporal, geographical and ideological boundaries are dissolving.



2024 Wie geht das neue Wir?, Tor 4 Project

2023 Vor Ort, Mannheimer Kunstverein (G)

2022 Projekt 31, Kunstkatalog (G)

2020 Coronale, Mannheimer Kunstverein (G)

2020 Bilder einer Ausstellung, Prince House Gallery (G)

2020 ARTfair Mannheim

2019 AusgebadetAltes Volksbad (G)

2018 Shed Petals, Strümpfe Supper-Artclub  (E)

2018 Lions|art, Mannheimer Kunstverein (G, K)

2011 artlabmannheim (G)

2010 – 2023 Nachtwandel Jungbusch

Katarzyna Paruszewska-Hamann

Born 1983 in Poland

Lives and works in Mannheim, Germany

2007 – 2011 Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim by Prof. Michael Witlatschil and Prof. Gerd Lind